weejur lets you post to the web just by sending an email

It's perfect for travel blogs, journaling, link collections, and more. Plus it's free.

three easy steps to get started:

1/ create your weejur site

Sign up for a weejur account here. (Be sure to sign up with the email account you want to use to post to weejur.)

2/ start posting

Send an email to post@weejur.com and watch it magically appear as a post on your weejur site.

3/ share with others

If Mom wants to follow your travel updates, you can send her a link to your weejur site. Or, if you want to link a single post on Twitter or elsewhere, you can use the Share button.

try it out!

Send an email to tryitout@weejur.com and watch it appear on the test post page. (IMPORTANT NOTE: weejur tries to strip out email signatures, but if your signature contains personal information, please remove it—otherwise it will be posted publicly online. We will not save, share, or show your email address publicly. Test posts are automatically deleted after about an hour.)

no ads, no fees, no stress

weejur is 100% free, with no ads for you or your readers.